SEO Minion - Web extension for Content Creators and SEO Optimization

SEO Minion-Web extension for Content Creators and SEO

Faisal Shahzad 16 Sep 2023 SEO

SEO Minion is among the best SEO extensions available for Chrome and Firefox web browser. It assists users in performing the daily SEO tasks by analyzing their web pages as well as their competitors.

SEO Minion is a good tool which can help content creators to improve their content and reviewing the content of the competitors.

SEO Minion can assist users with their SEO activities by examining users’ own and their competitors’ websites. Use SEO Minion while you are short for ideas and can’t think of anything to write about.

This useful tool helps you browse for keywords that are relevant to your topic and provide useful content ideas depending on the topic. Here are some best features of SEO Minion:

Features of SEO Minion

Character Count

The character count for the meta description and page title is the best feature. The extension might display either one with an error sign if they are excessively long or blank.

It’s necessary to include keywords in the meta description and page title, so users can easily check them with SEO Minion.

Display Heading

A table beneath the character count lists all the page’s heading tabs. It provides each H1 header, H3 header, etc.

You can use this tool to determine if your page has a header and double-check that you’re utilizing a relevant keyword

List of Images

A row below the headers table displays the number of photos on the site without ALT text. This part is especially useful for determining whether your images are SEO optimized.

If one or even more images are without text, it will provide a list of which images require it.

Preview of Webpage

SEO Minion open graph part will show users how their webpage gets previewed when one link is posted on social media.

This is a step the user frequently neglects when it comes to SEO, so this tool might serve as a good reminder to verify these factors before posting a webpage on social media.

When the user clicks the highlight all links icon, the tool highlights all the links on the site. Then you can limit it down by simply choosing external or internal links.

This is a good option to check the anchor text users are using for internal linking, and they also see if any hidden links are there.

Search Location Simulator

This tool is also useful if users want to see how their website is ranking in various countries. Users can see non-personalized searching results for two separate regions and languages with this function.

Simply choose the two nations and languages the user wants, then type in a search bar and click search. Then scroll to the bottom to see how their site ranks for that term across the region.

SEO Minion highlights all the links on the webpage and evaluates with colors. All genuine links are shown in green, whereas links redirecting are marked in purple color.

Links heading to a (404) are shown in yellow color, and connections indicating a site that no longer works are highlighted in the shade of red. You will find all the links in a list at the end of the site page.

How to Install SEO Minion?

Install the extension of SEO Minion from Chrome Web Store or from Firefox Addon Website. To use it, simply click once it has been downloaded in Firefox or Chrome.

How to Use SEO Minion?

This extension has a simple vertical alignment on the right side of the browser and a basic design. Users can handle their regular SEO tasks and enhance their SEO strategy by utilizing various options.

Help in Content Optimization

SEO Minion assists you in analyzing your content copy before posting. There are numerous SEO services available to help you. This extension helps to highlight numerous aspects of the content editing and formatting process that users may not notice.

ALT Image Tag

Many users skip adding proper labels to their images. It is a downside regarding SEO. By utilizing your image on a website with high domain authority.

When the correct tags are set on an image that is related to a special event, users might benefit from this again and again. Furthermore, a well-designed infographic might assist in gaining a lot of traction.


SEO Minion has gained a lot of popularity recently. Users don’t need separate tools for various SEO tasks because it is an all-in-one SEO plugin.

Secondly, it is completely free, so you will not be charged for any of its functionalities. It’s a good thing that the tool is constantly updating based on user suggestions.

It is a simple extension with all the capabilities of many other SEO extensions. We recommend that you try it out for yourself and see how the SEO Minion extension saves you time while also providing SEO analysis on your site that you can utilize to boost your ranking in search engines.

Faisal Shahzad

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